‘Sister, Sister’ episodes that go down in our ‘Sister, Sister’ hall of fame

Very exciting news from the Mowry sisters — Tamera is pregnant again! She’s set to welcome baby #2 with her husband and we couldn’t be more excited. Know someone else who is super excited about this? Tamera’s sister, Tia, who immediately tweeted that she can’t wait to be an auntie again.

While we’re so happy to see another baby Mowry grace the world, all this news definitely makes us feel a little old. Weren’t we just watching the Mowry sisters’ high school escapades? If you grew up during the ’90s, you probably remember the sisters’ TV show, Sister, Sister — which made me desperately long for a secret sister separated at birth, of course ignoring the fact that I already had a little sister.

Sister, Sister was basically like The Parent Trap, but a hundred times cooler in 1995. It gave me a ton of awesome fashion tips (floppy hats and long skirts? Mid-90s me said YES), provided me with an endless supply of sassy comebacks, and really taught me about the true love of a sister. I used to watch it all the time after school with my own lil sis.

I don’t mean to start a small panic, but about 90% of all Sister, Sister episodes have been uploaded to YouTube. And what better time to revisit Tamera and Tia’s best sister moments than right now? So run, don’t walk, to just a few of their best sister sitches. These episodes go down in our Sister, Sister hall of fame.

“First Dates”


Right from the very beginning of the show (episode one, people), the sisters had an incredibly strong bond. As the school dance approaches, Tia and Tamera promise to skip it if they both don’t have dates in time. Until, that is, Tamera is asked to go with someone else. Tamera offers to not go and instead hang with Tia, but quickly follows up the offer with, “but please don’t make me!” Which is EXACTLY what any sister would say in that same situation.

“The Pimple”


Don’t you sometimes wish you had a twin to get away with crazy switching-identities hijinks? Tia gets a pimple, and doesn’t want to go out on a date with her crush Anthony, so Tamera goes out with him instead. She fumbles through most of the date, having none of Tia’s shared interests with Anthony — but then Tamera and Anthony totally hit it off. When Anthony asks Tia (as Tamera) out again, she struggles with what to actually tell Tia about it. In the end, Tamara tells Tia that Anthony is “perfect” for her. Awww.

“Put to the Test”


It’s the dreaded SATs and Tia, the smarter of the two, gets a lower score than Tamera, who basically aces the exam. Then, suddenly Tamera starts getting way better grades than Tia, which irks here in all the wrong ways. That is, until the school calls to tell the girls that they accidentally swapped their test scores. It almost breaks Tamera when she learns, but thankfully her sister is there to help her through it — it also inspires Tamera to work even harder to bring her scores up.

“The Twins Get Fired”


When Tia gets promoted to assistant manager at Rocket Burger, Tamera sees this as a perfect opportunity to slack off at their after school job — which includes leaving the freezer door open overnight. Tia gets fired, taking the fall for Tamera. Then, Tamera gets offered the assistant manager spot, but she quits in solidarity with her sister. This episode also features a lot of people saying “meat-like patties.”

“Three the Heart Way”


In ’90s sitcom fashion, Tia and Roger (of “GO HOME ROGER” fame) are struck by cupid’s arrow, and start making googly eyes at each other. Tamera’s not a fan, especially since it puts a wedge in their Valentine’s Day plans to all hang out as friends. Tamera slowly comes to grips with the fact that she and her sister aren’t always going to be on the same path. Also the three of them sing Whitney Houston’s “Count On Me” and it’s beautiful.

“Guardian Angel”


Uh-oh. Tamera starts hanging out with another girl, and Tia feels left out. Not only that, but this other girl, Vanessa, is straight up shoplifting. (Also Vanessa is played by Gabrielle Union, FYI). Tia starts questioning Tamera’s motives to be friends with Vanessa, and wonders if she can be trusted, especially after she learns about the shoplifting. Oh gosh, watching these sisters make up and hug each other makes me want to hug my own sisters.

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