Leslie Mann’s advice for her daughter’s career in Hollywood is all about doing it yourself, and we say “Go Girl!”

Listen up everyone: Leslie Mann’s advice for her daughter’s career in Hollywood is all about doing it yourself. She might’ve been talking about the acting world, but it applies to everything.

Mann has had a long and successful career in acting, and it’s clear that her oldest daughter, Maude Apatow is following in her footsteps.

While Apatow is currently attending college and being a normal teen, she does have a few acting credits to her name already. Plus, she was recently in Other People and doesn’t seem to be stopping when it comes to her craft.


Luckily, the 19-year-old actress has her mother to turn to for guidance. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mann revealed the best advice she has for her daughter and we’re all ears.

"[I told her] to learn to write and write her own stuff, so she doesn't have to rely on everyone else to give her jobs," Mann told Entertainment Tonight while promoting her new film, The Comedian in NYC.


“That’s good advice,” she added. “That’s pretty good advice, right?”

We think it’s really great advice. In a world where opportunities aren’t always easy to come by, making your own job, or being empowered to take the lead is definitely something we could all do more of.

Despite the fact that the How to Be Single actress is helping her eldest daughter whenever possible in the film industry, she’s not exactly ready for her youngest to go into the family business.


“She just turned 14, so she’s in school,” Mann said about daughter Iris. “She’s in eighth grade. I just want her to go to school and be a kid. For now!”

We hear you Leslie, being a kid is key! For what’s worth, we agree with making your own magic and creating your own jobs.

It’s a total girl power move.