All the times Leslie Knope proved she was the best BFF ever

Where do we even begin with Leslie Knope? Parks and Recreation would’ve been nothing without its fearless leader, Leslie, played by the equally-awesome Amy Poehler. The hilarious series lasted seven seasons and, if we’re being honest, that still wasn’t enough Leslie for us. She was practically perfect in every way and that’s why she’s the ultimate BFF.

Whether she was honoring the town’s favorite horse, Lil’ Sebastian, or putting together the most epic going away party for her best friend Ann Perkins, Leslie was always finding new and inventive ways to be an amazing friend. So here’s our ode to Leslie Knope, the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for… ever!


She had her priorities in line. Friendship came first for her and then waffles. Well actually it was originally friendship and then waffles, but eventually it became, “Or, waffles, friends, work. But work has to come third.” Either way she’s got BFF material written all over her.

Gift guru. Honestly, Leslie kind of over-thought every one of her friends’ gifts, but it was endearing that she cared so much. For example she once gave Donna Meagle dark coffee because… “Donna, we got you some coffee because you said, and I quote, ‘I like my coffee like I like my men: dark, rich and full-bodied.’” Nailed it!

Her girl code was on point. Ovaries before bovaries, duh.


The creation of the Pawnee Goddesses. After a little girl was turned away from the Pawnee Rangers, which was all-boys, she created an all-girl group called the Pawnee Goddesses and it was glorious. They had puppy parties and puppet shows. Basically, this proved that she was awesome at throwing parties and all about girl power, aka a bestie we’d love to have.

She loved TV binge parties. Leslie had awesome taste in TV shows and she LOVED talking about her favorite series, which was obviously Friday Night Lights.


The moment she threatened to kill Ann’s boyfriend if he was cheating on her. The speech went like this: “Oh, then I’m sure he’s not cheating on you. And if he is, he’s a monster. And if he’s not you guys are great together. But if he is, I will kill him.” Her protective instinct was amazing and totally admirable.

Her life plan for April Ludgate. April hated working for the Parks Department, but she loved Leslie (not openly, obviously) and Leslie loved her. She created an entire binder that would be a road map for April’s perfect life in politics. When April finally revealed she hated politics, Leslie created a new life binder to help her find her dream job. #Werk.


When she helped Ron Swanson escape the clutches of Tammy Two. Ugh, both of Ron’s exes named Tammy were the worst, but Leslie helped him fight back and not fall into either one of their traps. She even helped get Councilman Jamm out of staying with Tammy Two when she was using him to try and get Ron back.

She was all about the compliments. In fact, compliments were her jam. She had crazy, outlandish things that she said, but they were all sweet and charming. Who wouldn’t want to be called a “poetic and noble land mermaid?” That sounds like an awesome creature.


She always told the truth. Even though the truth can sometimes hurt, Leslie never shied away from telling her besties the truth about their lives and love and well, everything.

Leslie was always ready to go to a doctor’s appointment with her friends. She sat with Ann during her appointment where she learned about the process of having a baby. She was literally always there for her loved ones.


Ann’s going away party. When Ann was preparing to leave town, Leslie threw the going away party to end all going away parties. She had every holiday represented in case she and Ann didn’t see each other on the holidays. Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, President’s Day and more were incorporated. It was glorious.

Serious follow through. As her last real gift to Ann, she made sure she could officially start construction on the park they tried so hard to get built together. She went to the site at night and then they dug a hole together. It was a great moment on the series and a perfect friendship moment.

Leslie was constantly prepared for anything life threw at her. Why would Leslie make the perfect friend? She had supplies for s’mores in her car at all times! Seriously, just when you thought she couldn’t get any better, she did. Boom.


When she gave Ron exactly what he wanted on his birthday… peace and quiet. No matter who was having a birthday, Leslie catered to all their needs. In Ron’s case, he hated surprises and parties, so Leslie got him nothing but a quiet moment to himself and a hearty steak, which proved she knew him SO well.

The mixtape to end all mixtapes. When Ann was moving out of Pawnee, Leslie made a friendship mixtape for her drive, full of songs that she could cry to. Come on, that’s adorable.


She was the ultimate cheerleader. No matter what one of her BFFs was doing, she always was there to support them and cheer them on. When Tom Haverford opened his own restaurant or created Snake Juice, she was there. When Andy Dwyer started his show Johnny Karate, Leslie was there. She never missed a big event and she was flawless.

Galentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day! Literally nothing proved how good of a friend Leslie was than her obsession with Galentine’s Day, which was yesterday, February 13, in case you were wondering, and it was all about her girl friends. There were gifts, food and Leslie told all of the women in her life what was so amazing about them and why they mattered to her. So cute!


Leslie Knope truly was the ultimate best friend. She went above and beyond for those close to her and we were continually jealous of all of her friendships on the series. So, honestly, how do we get to be BFFs with Leslie?