Leslie Jones is all of us freaking out about the Olympics

While we all agree that the Olympics are awesome, even the most excited among us cannot compare to hysterical comedian Leslie Jones‘ Olympic fervor. After Leslie took a far-too-long break from social media, the hilarious actress returned in fine form to give the Rio Olympics her own special twist by fervently tweeting hilarious commentary and sharing videos of herself watching various events. And we have to admit, while Team USA is pretty darn inspiring, it’s her glee that makes us want to keep watching every second.

Her excitement is seriously infectious.

This patriotic ensemble is almost too good to be true… almost

Her smile makes us smile!

We wish she was there, cheering on this Olympian!

It’s like she’s right there, in the stands.

We’re so glad she has her own gold medal collection.

Seriously… that’s a lot of medals!

From the sounds of it, Leslie could practically coach the Olympic swim team.

We particularly enjoyed her commentary on volleyball:

And she seemed to be equally impressed by biking:

Seriously, does Leslie have an Olympic party we can attend?!

We have a feeling this isn’t the end of her Olympic glee, so stay tuned to Leslie’s Twitter account! Those of us who aren’t Olympians will still get quite the core workout… from laughing.

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