Leslie Jones tweeted about her “terrible luck” with guys, and it’s relatable AF

Whenever we hear from this comedian and actress, she’s always being super honest about something in life — usually her life, and we have bucketloads of respect for that. In her latest tweet, Leslie Jones says she’s single, and clears up any confusion about her relationship status. If you haven’t been following, she made a joke on Conan that she had a secret boyfriend, but she later clarified she was just kidding. And now she’s continuing to set the record straight.

Yup, this is totally relatable. We all go through cycles of dating and not dating, loving romance and hating it…it’s so completely normal.

But just so you know, Leslie, you are awesome and any guy would be lucky to have you!

The tweet was commented on and retweeted numerous times, so the internet agrees that Leslie is a CATCH!

Relationships often have a way of creeping up on us when we least expect them, and we know that sooner or later, Jones will be swept off her feet by the perfect guy and all this talk of singledom will be a distant memory. But in the meantime, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being single and confident!

And we can only speak for ourselves, but we can’t get enough of Leslie Jones.

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Again, one of the greatest things about her is that she’s unafraid to be honest and tell it like it is — even if it’s painful or sensitive or taboo. Thanks for being your incredible self, Leslie. You’re one of a kind.