Leslie Jones totally wants to be in “Deadpool 2,” and we can’t blame her

Funny people are definitely attracted to funny roles — and even though this role in question doesn’t totally exist, it’s not stopping this Saturday Night Live castmember from wanting to jump on board. Comedian Leslie Jones wants to be in Deadpool 2 as Deadpool’s loud sidekick, who — unlike the lead — has no actual superpowers, such as healing.  Just the chance to share the set with actor Ryan Reynolds is super enough for her.

Jones showed up to the Late Night with Seth Meyers New Year’s special the other night to share her ultimate dream. In her eyes, her character would be able to yell so loud that clothes would actually fall off. (Really, based on her Weekend Update bits on SNL, we didn’t expect anything different.)

Watch the full clip below:


It’s adorable that she doesn’t keep her crush on Reynolds a secret.

"First of all, Ryan Reynolds has got to be one of the finest pieces of specimen," Jones said. "Blake, you are so lucky.

It’s also sweet that she thinks that a lot of Blake Lively’s relationship with her husband probably consists of keeping notes on who is sexier. But, the good news is that Jones knows there’s more to love than just what’s on the outside.

"On top of that, he's hilarious," she added.

We have a feeling that Jones could at least score a cameo in the film. After all, she was one of the standouts in last year’s Ghostbusters reboot. We still have about a year until Deadpool 2 hits theaters, so there’s plenty of time to write her a small role!

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