I don’t care about the Olympics, but I care SO MUCH about Leslie Jones at the Olympics

I’m not a sports fan. Growing up, like most young children in small towns, I played sports. And when I reached an age where I could decide what I did and didn’t like, and I realized I hated running, sweating, orange slices, being outside, wearing a gross uniform, team spirit, grass, cleats, mouth guards, etc. etc. I left sports behind, and I have never looked back.

But for the past week, everyone’s been pretty into sports, with the Olympics going on and all. My actual response to the Olympics is: ¯_(ツ)_/¯. Yeah, they’re fine, but I’m not canceling plans to watch them. If a video or image of them appears in my feed, that’s fine, and I’ll probably click on it, but I’m in no way like, “OMG THE OLYMPICS, YOU GUYS!!! [paints body red, white, and blue]”


Leslie Jones, if you don’t now (but seriously, you should know) is a very funny lady. I know this, and the world knows this, because she’s on SNL, and most recently appeared in this summer’s Ghostbusters. She also live-tweets the hell out of Game of Thrones like a boss. Following her on Twitter will be the best thing you do today.

It was on her Twitter that I first started paying attention to the Rio Olympics, because she was Tweeting about them — and you’re probably well aware of this. Her tweest about SPORTS were so ??? they snagged her a ticket down to Rio, to actually live and breath the Olympics this year.

Suddenly, I found myself being VERY into the Olympics, but I’ve realized it’s because Leslie’s energy is rubbing off on me. I’m so excited about them, because she is literally radiating excitement right now. If I could change my ringtone to her just screaming “CHAMPIONS! CHAAAAMPIOOONSS!” I probably would. She’s exactly the cheerleader the world needs right now.

The long and the short of it is that she’s ridiculously passionate about this. She clearly LOVES the Olympics, as she’s mentioned in interviews before, since she grew up watching them with her family. Even though I can’t relate to the loving-sports aspect of her energy, I can totally relate to that sheer passion when it comes to loving something so much. I was my own version of Leslie Jones a month ago, when I went to Comic-Con and I couldn’t stop screaming “THIS IS AMAZING, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, CHAMPIONS!”

I was just so excited to be there, and I couldn’t stop just being HAPPY about it. That’s what Leslie Jones is right now, and you can see with each new tweet. While I do not understand 90% of the sports in the Olympics, I understand Leslie’s utmost love for them.

We all have something we love so much we lose control when we think about it, especially if it only comes around once every four years (two if we’re counting the Winder Olympics). A week ago, I was like “ugh are the Olympics over already?” and now I’m like “CAN THEY STAY FOREVER?” because if they say forever, it means Leslie gets to talk about them forever, and I’m living for this right now.

While I’m still very much like, “YAY GO TEAM GO SPORTS! [has no idea what she’s rooting for]” I am rooting hella hard for everything Leslie is throwing her enthusiasm behind, whether it be swimming, track and field, or most recently, ping pong. I never thought an SNL cast member would get me to care so much about ping pong.

Long live the Olympics, and long live Leslie Jones at the Olympics.