American treasure Leslie Jones is on her way to Rio RIGHT NOW to cover the Olympics

Good news, if you can believe it: The Olympics are about to get 10,000% better.

How and why? Beautiful Leslie Jones is on her way there right this second, and if you hadn’t noticed, everything she touches turns to gold. Now she’s actually going to be dealing with gold, as in gold medals, and this is the best thing to happen to the Olympics since all those very attractive swimmers started popping up in our social media feeds.

If you were at all paying attention to social media over the weekend, and of course the Olympics, you must have noticed that Jones’ “USA!!” chant was BY FAR, the loudest. She wasn’t just cheering to cheer, she straight up loves the Olympics, and basically live-tweeted the entire thing for our watching/viewing/Twitter pleasure.

Since all of her 140 character tweets earned gold in our hearts, soon NBC (who broadcasts the Olympics…and also a little show called Saturday Night Live) had taken notice, and plans were being made to get Jones to Rio. But would she go? Would she actually drop everything to fly to Brazil to make AMERICA PROUD?


Earlier today she tweeted that YES, she’s going to Rio to work as one of NBC’s commentators.

Know what we need right now? A Time-Turner. So we can go back in time to the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, and make sure that Jones is there for that, too. Can you even IMAGINE her during the Parade of Nations?

According to her subsequent tweets, she’s packing for Rio right now, and will soon be on her way. She’s expected to arrive by Friday, which is yes a long time away. At least in the meantime we’ve got her tweets.