This “Ghosbusters” star says that no designers will dress her, and then something amazing happened

Leslie Jones is one of the brightest up-and-coming comedy stars on Saturday Night Live. And her starring role in the new Ghostbusters reboot is sure to catapult her into superstardom. Yet she still gets frustrated like the rest of us.


In a recent tweet, the comedian shared that she couldn’t find anyone who would dress her for her huge movie premiere (ICYMI Ghostbusters comes out July 15). There has already been a ton of promotion for the film which means a ton of events where she needs to look totally on-point. Yet shockingly, she says nobody wants to dress her because of her size and stature. false

After she tweeted this, though, something amazing happened. The extremely talented designer Project Runway star (not to mention constant fan favorite) Christian Siriano digitally waved back at her for the whole world to see. false

And I’m pretty sure that counts as an official Internet agreement that the designer will be teaming up with the actress to make her look amazing.

Jones’ response perfectly encapsulated what we all were thinking and feeling about this interaction when she tweeted back: false

It seems like a match made in Twitter heaven, with Siriano notorious for creating incredibly gorgeous designs for women of all shapes and sizes and Jones’ career only beginning to blossom. It could be the beginning of a very long (and very fun, because both of these personalities are absolutely delightful to watch on and offscreen) partnership. Plus, we saw on the July issue of Elle magazine that the funny lady can really rock absolutely stunning outfits. false

Hopefully, this isn’t just a digital tease and these two are able to find a way to work together. So in the future when Jones wonders who she’s gonna call, she’ll know the answer is, “Siriano!”