“Ghostbusters” star Leslie Jones is a total fashion queen, and you didn’t even realize it

Leslie Jones is everywhere this summer, what with her starring role in one of the summer’s biggest action movies, Ghostbusters, and all! She’s also been dealing with a lot from social media, including a near-disaster when she couldn’t find a designer to make her a dress for the Ghostbusters premiere. But the idea that there was any controversy is crazy, because Leslie Jones is our new fashion crush, and we are #obsessed.

First, she rocked designer Christian Serrano’s stunning gown at the premiere of Ghostbusters:

That color, that necklace, that perfect hint of leg! It’s no wonder she’s feeling like dancing in that look.

And her everyday looks are just as chic.

Check out this outfit from her Ghostbusters press tour. That army jacket with that statement necklace and those simple black pants are so chic we can barely stand it. She’s clearly got a fabulous jacket and standout necklace trend happening, and we are totally on board.

She rocks an absolutely stunning jumper:

Another statement necklace makes this outfit pop for her appearance on The View.

Red is totally her color.

Seriously, she has us all out shopping trying to find that vest.

This all-black look is so casual glam we can’t look away.

That fab necklace from her jumpsuit look makes another appearance here, glamming up her outfit along with that amazing black jacket with lace sleeves. And because she’s a genius, she pairs the whole look with sneakers to keep it relaxed and fun.

We are crushing so hard on your style, Leslie, and we’re so glad to see a fashionista like you killing it at this level. Keep up the fierceness.

Although, we get a little sad knowing we’ll never be quite as chic as you are.

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