Leslie Jones might have just found love on Twitter, and we approve

If you’re a fan of Saturday Night Live (or just a fan of extremely talented and funny women) you probably know all about Leslie Jones. While the comedian has had somewhat of a rough 2016 — with being hacked and harassed through Twitter — she managed to constantly see the bright side of things, and focus on all of the positive aspects that the social networking tool had to offer.

And by sticking with Twitter she might have just found a love connection with a hot teacher.

Nicholas Ferroni, also known as the winner of the “Sexiest Teacher Alive” contest, contacted Jones to compliment her on a sketch that went live two weekends ago. In the sketch, Jones plays a teacher who comments once or twice about how the room of teens just reeks of Axe body spray — a true observation for many classrooms.

Jones took one look at his profile picture, and had the courage to ask him a pretty important question.

He responded that he was, and — well — the conversation went on. It’s almost like they had a “getting to know you” OKCupid chat in front of all of their fans.

And then? Leslie Jones did something that all women wish they could do without fear: She said that her part of flirting was done with, and it’s all up to Ferroni to make the next move.


So, uh — Ferroni? You better call her. I mean, you’re in New Jersey and she’s in New York, so this is totally doable. The world is cheering this meet-cute on right now, and we want to hear all the details! (No clue if Lin-Manuel Miranda will also be invited, as he was kinda-sorta the third wheel in all of this.) Just think — this all started due to Axe body spray.

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