Leslie Jones live-tweeted the presidential town hall debate and we loved every second of it

Once again, Leslie Jones is all of us.

The second presidential debates were last night we watched while stress-eating a family size bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Thankfully, Leslie Jones is here to save the day with her live tweets. What would we do without the SNL funny lady to make sense of this mad, mad world with her perfectly on-point tweets? She live-tweeted the first debate, and we’re so glad she’s back at it again for her hilarious hot take on the town hall debate.

We’ve gone and cherry-picked some of the best @Lesdoggg tweets from last night, and rounded them up for your post-debate pleasure.

We’re right there with ya, Leslie. 

Game on. 

Always finding the comedy in it all. 

Looks more like Lip Sync Battle than a debate. 

Calling it like it is.

Now she’s just in disbelief. 

A PSA announcement from Leslie Jones: VOTE! 

We’d vote for you, Leslie! 

And looks like she watched Westworld as a palate cleanser after the debate.We have a feeling there’s more hilarious live-tweeting coming our way. 

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