Leslie Jones, Gabrielle Union, and other celebs shower Gabby Douglas in Tweet love!

The Olympics have been a great time for so many athletes this year (like Simone Biles getting invited to the set of Pretty Little Liars. We die). But a damper was put on things for gymnast Gabby Douglas when she started getting a ton of online criticism on everything from her smile to her breast size (UGH).

Thankfully, many Twitter users, including our favorites Leslie Jones and Gabrielle Union, are showing their support for Douglas, using the hashtag #LOVE4GABBYUSA.


Seriously, so awesome.

The issue undoubtedly hits super close to home for Jones, who experienced a ton of  unwarranted online criticism herself this year following the release of Ghostbusters — which almost caused her to quit Twitter completely (thank goodness for us she didn’t).

Douglas responded to all the Twitter love with a Tweet of her own (not to mention has given several interviews regarding the unfair criticism she’s received, saying she never meant to offend anyone and that she loves and supports her teammates).

We literally can’t even imagine how draining the Olympics must be, but we DO know that we are so proud of Gabby for all of her incredible achievements, and we couldn’t be happier she’s representing us in Rio this year!


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