“Ghostbusters” star Leslie Jones discovering Snapchat is all of us

Leslie Jones, star of Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters, has been killing it on social media lately. She’s showing off her sass on Twitter. She’s showing off her fabulous style. And today, it looks like she’s discovered Snapchat, and her response to the filters is just like the teen girl in all of us.

She’s loving the alien filter!

We love this filter because it gives us great cheekbones. And we are totally vibing with Leslie right now in her solo singing, because that is basically every Saturday morning for us.

She also gets a little punny with the bee filter.

We know that it’s none of our buzz-ness, but we think Leslie is pretty fabulous!

And she is LOVING the voice filter too!

And we disagree, Leslie. You are so not a fool. In fact, you’re getting more and more awesome by the second.

Snap you later, Leslie!

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