Leslie Jones pitched a new version of Black History Month on “SNL,” and it needs to be in schools now

Leslie Jones isn’t afraid to tell us how it is, and we love her for it. When discussing the film Hidden Figures on SNL, Leslie Jones shared her thoughts on Black History Month, and we have to say…we agree. Of course, this isn’t the first time Leslie Jones’ excitement has had the potential to cause change. Remember how excited she was about the Olympics? And then she had a gig reporting? When Leslie Jones speaks, the people listen.

Here is what Leslie Jones had to say about Black History Month


We love how the comedienne can make a political statement while simultaneously making us laugh.

As she explains:

“Here’s my issue: We cram all of black history into just month. All we have time for is George Washington Carver and all his peanut stuff. We should teach all black history all the year round and teach it to everybody.

We agree! Black history shouldn’t be confined to just one month. Leslie continued to point out that several very important inventions were created by black men and women. For example, the traffic light was invented by a black man (Garrett Morgan), as was the mailbox (Philip B. Downing.) We learn something every day.

Of course, as moved as Leslie was by Hidden Figures, you won’t see her going to space. As she explains, “That’s where the Predator comes from.”

Yeah, you know what, we’re with Leslie on this one, too.

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