Lesbian couple wins case against Christian bakers who called them “abominations”

After an Oregon bakery made the public choice to refuse service to a same-sex couple, a judge’s decision has ruled against the Christian bakers. Consider this a win for the LGBTQA+ community!

The case was between lesbian couple Rachel Cryer and Laurel Bowman, and Sweet Cakes by Melissa owners Aaron and Melissa Klein, who told the couple they would not accept their request to bake their wedding cake because they are “abominations.” The court’s ruling will uphold the fine against the bakery for blatant discrimination.

In 2013, when the bakery refused service to the couple, Cryer and Bowman filed a complaint against the business because discrimination of sexual orientation is, and was at the time, banned in Oregon. Their complaint won in Oregon courts, and the Kleins were ordered to pay $135,000 in damages. The Kleins appealed and argued that their free speech was being violated.

But the appeals court officially ruled against the Kleins today.

"Their cakes, even when custom-designed for a ceremonial occasion, are still cakes made to be eaten," said Judge Chris Garrett. "They are products of a collaborative process in which Melissa's artistic execution is subservient to a customer's wishes and preferences."

The main argument against the appeals court was that the bakery’s wedding cakes are a form of creative expression, and since they did not creatively identify with the celebratory message they felt they were being forced to make, the case violated their First Amendment rights.


The Klein’s really stretched to make any kind of excuse for their bias, even saying that their future free speech was at stake if their cake was seen at a wedding of which they did not approve. Justice for the Cryer-Bowman’s is finally served, after four years of continued homophobia. They deserve some good news to close out the year.