We Just Want to Talk to Whoever Called Leonardo DiCaprio “Unrecognizable” in These Photos

Twitter has a *lot* to say about this.

When celebrities really get into a role, sometimes their appearance (temporarily) changes. However, this is not that. After a photo from his new Martin Scorsese movie surfaced, Leonardo DiCaprio was called “unrecognizable” when he totally isn’t. And yes, the internet is having a field day about it.

Basically, the whole thing started with a tweet and article from The New York Post, sharing a photo of DiCaprio with his co-star Lily Gladstone from his new Apple TV movie, Killers of the Flower Moon.

The word “unrecognizable” in this tweet is a choice, because most of us could recognize the star of movies like Titanic and The Wolf of Wall Street anywhere, despite the fact that, like many people, he has participated in the natural process of aging.

Twitter is now ablaze with jokes about this tweet, which are rightfully deserved—by no means is DiCaprio unrecognizable in this photo, after all…at least, not by the standard definition of the term.

Some people have simply tweeted to point out which one is DiCaprio, to help those who may be confused.

Others are trying to work out which person he is in the photo.

Here, DiCaprio is truly unrecognizable…because this is actually a photo of Matt Damon.

News flash: People get older, and as that happens, they tend to look just slightly different, but not unrecognizable. Does DiCaprio still look like Jack Dawson? I mean, not in the sense that he’s in suspended animation, but ultimately, yeah—if Rose had made room for him on that door and he had the opportunity to continue living and aging, he sure does.

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