If Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t get an Oscar this year, these fans are going to MAKE him one

It’s just going to break our hearts if we see any more Poor Leo memes this year.

While Leonardo DiCaprio‘s roster of star turns and Oscar nominations is impressive, he’s yet to bring home the gold (statue, that is) from the Academy Awards. But every year we have hope, and this year we have more hope than ever: Leo is nominated for Best Actor for his role as Hugh Glass in The Revenant, a film which has tallied up 12 Oscar nods. And after enduring freezing temperatures and eating raw bison liver on set, we may finally see Leo’s moment in the sun. Even Rose from Titanic thinks so: “It’s probably going to be Leo’s year,” she told BBC News at the London Critics Circle Film Awards.

But it’s always possible that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences might not agree with, well, pretty much everyone else. And in that unfortunate turn of events, Leo’s loyal fans in Russia have got his back: If he’s robbed of official Oscar recognition again, there are some hardcore Siberian devotees who are donating their silver and gold items to be melted down into a statue that will resemble an Oscar, reports Vanity Fair. Why didn’t we think of that?

The statuette made by the group—which calls themselves the “Oscar for Leo” campaign—will have a few artistic differences. Instead of the iconic gold Oscar holding a sword, the Russian Oscar will be a 12-inch silver effigy clasping a gold choron, which Metro defines as a three-legged goblet from the Yakutia region in Siberia. The little guy will also have his head facing up toward the sky.

The statuette is estimated to cost around 100,000 rubles, or roughly $1,300 dollars, but the size could change depending on the amount of contributions. Most donors are opting to turn over half of their possessions (think, one earring in a pair), in order to retain a keepsake that represents their connection with Leo. Awww. So far, more than 100 people have donated precious possessions to melt into Leo’s Oscar.

Who knew Russia was just as obsessed (if not more so!) with The Wolf of Wall Street star as we are? The country also recently found a Leo look-a-like in the Russian armed forces. Sure, he’s not Leo’s twin, but points for trying. Their taste in men is worth a round of applause, and so is an Oscar for Leo.

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