Leonardo DiCaprio’s lookalike is a Swedish model. Sounds about right

You may remember when Konrad Annerud, 21, was an Internet sensation last Fall because of his strong resemblance to none other than one of our all-time crushes, Leonardo DiCaprio. The Swede smiles like Leonardo, and has a serious-yet-sexy appeal like him. The doppelgänger looks so much like a younger Leo, it’s hard to remember that it’s not.

Well, now Annerud is more than just a pretty (lookalike-Leo) face. 

He began modeling, and can be seen in the Ralph Lauren Purple lookbook (for Barneys New York—not bad!). It came online today, so get ready to get your swoon on. And Annerud got the job via Instagram, reported Fashionista. He does have 222,000 followers, so I guess it makes sense that Barneys New York would be a fan of his, too.

If Annerud gets better looking with each passing year the way the real Leo does, he’s in for a lonnnnng career.

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