It’s time to watch a young Leonardo DiCaprio in this Kraft cheese commercial

We’re all familiar with Leonardo DiCaprio — as in, he’s one of the biggest movie stars to ever grace the earth. But acting is a tough game and even he had to start somewhere. Yup, it might come as a surprise, but young Leo starred in classic food commercials for Kraft singles cheese (shout out to for finding this gift)! He’s so adorably fresh-faced that it takes us right back to yesteryear.

It might only be a cheese commercial, but if you ask us, he was already a total charmer. Don’t believe it? Take a look for yourselves!

Sweet, sweet Leo!

Okay, we’re officially in a Leo-centric internet deep dive, and our craving must be sated! Here he is in The New Lassie at just 14 years old:

via giphy And then came the days of Growing Pains, when Leo was just figuring out how to do interviews.

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From Romeo and Juliet and beyond, SWOON!

via giphyLeo has been acting for over thirty years now, and has been nominated for five Academy Awards, winning his first for 2015’s The Revenant. Not only has he become one of the most sought-after actors, but he continues to be active in his support for pressing world issues like climate change.

via giphyOh, that same People.compiece also reminded us about some other actors who took commercial jobs as youngsters! Did you know that Sarah Michelle Gellar was once an impossibly cute and tiny actress? Here’s a commercial she did for Burger King in 1981, when she was only four! Bless.

More where that came from? Here’s Drew Barrymore in a cookie commercial at four years old!

Acting careers definitely aren’t forged overnight, and every famous actor we can think of started off in commercials or small TV spots. They all persisted through every job — big and small job — and it’s nice to have a gentle reminder of that sometimes.

Now excuse us while we seek out some of Leo’s back catalogue. There are almost too many goodies to choose from.