Leonardo DiCaprio kissed Downton Abbey’s Dowager Countess, jealous of BOTH of them

The BAFTA Awards were held in Great Britain last night, but for a minute there, we thought we were watching an NBA game.

If you’re not familiar, BAFTA stands for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. (Think the Emmys and Oscars rolled into one, only with posh English accents). Like most movie award shows, there was a red carpet, there were fancy clothes and Leonardo DiCaprio was there (because obviously). And oh, did we mention there was a Kiss Cam? Because there totally was.

Yes, you guys. It was like something right off the Jumbotron at a basketball game. Only with bow ties. And red velvet seats. And Maggie Smith.


That’s right. The Dowager Countess was there, too. And if you think our hearts were exploding into fireworks over the sight of Leo and Lady Violet in the same room together, you are SO right. We didn’t even know it was possible for London’s Royal Opera House to hold so much star power.

But then something amazing happened. Remember the aforementioned Kiss Cam? It zeroed right in on Maggie Smith, and guess who was seated right behind her…

Did that just happen? YES IT DID. We still haven’t recovered. And now we want Kiss Cams at every award show. Every. Single. One. #plan

BRB. Going to make this my new screensaver.