Leonardo DiCaprio is trying to teach Ivanka Trump about climate change, and we knew we were right to love him

So here’s the thing: Donald Trump is our President-elect, something that has many environmentally conscious people and climate change experts a little nervous, considering that Trump on climate change and his environmental policies are a little bit scary. As a result, some are trying to reach Trump via daughter Ivanka, which is bizarre, but it’s what’s happening. And one such person is Leonardo DiCaprio. Yeah, Leonardo DiCaprio sent Ivanka Trump a climate change DVD to try and teach her about the issue, and why it can’t be ignored or brushed under the rug.

Because this is our world now, DiCaprio is teaching Ivanka Trump about climate change, and he’s doing so by sending her resources. We knew we were right to adore him!

Some are worried that, under Trump, we’ll go backwards on environmental issues. But new developments, such as Trump’s meeting with Al Gore, is giving some hope. Why reach out to Ivanka? Because some are hopeful that Gore and Ivanka can work together on environmental progress. What a time to be alive, friends.

If you’re all about the environment, you should absolutely check out the trailer for Leonardo DiCaprio’s new film on climate change. Before The Flood looks so, so important.


TG for DiCaprio for using his platform in such an amazing way. We’re so here for this! We all need to work together to protect the environment.