Don’t Call Leonardo DiCaprio an Ageist… His New Alleged Bae Might Surprise You

An "older woman" may have stolen Leo's heart.

Don’t call Leonardo DiCaprio ageist! Multiple sources have reported that the 47-year old has been getting cozy with a new woman, and she’s (*GASP*) older than 25.

The Titanic heartthrob has allegedly been spotted with none other than supermodel Gigi Hadid, who turned 27 this past April. According to PEOPLE, multiple sources have seen the two out and about in New York City, and have stated that “Leo is definitely pursuing Gigi.”

The two stars are taking things slow, with no relationship status yet confirmed. Another insider for PEOPLE implied that Leo and Gigi are just getting to know each other.

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Sure, it could just be some friendly flirting. Gigi lives in the trendy NoHo neighborhood of Manhattan with her daughter, Khai, and Leo has been spotted out and about at the nearby exclusive members-only club The Ned, according to Page Six

Maybe they’ve just been casually bumping into each other over and over again?

The one-time Academy Award winner recently split from Camila Morrone, his girlfriend of four years, back in August. Fans have long known Leo has a particular “type” he likes to date, many of whom are also supermodels like Gigi.

Fans have also realized however, that his exes share a more distinct trait — their age at the time of their breakup.

Reddit user TrustLittleBrother went as far as to create a lovely little graph highlighting Leo’s eight ex-girlfriends, how long they dated him, and at what age they called it quits. It turns out Leo has yet to date a woman over the age of 25.

It has resulted in a recent onslaught of jokes and memes poking fun at the star’s tragic but true relationship history:

Even Kenan Thompson took a jab at Leo’s “date” range during the Emmys 2022, saying, “Zendaya just turned 26, happy birthday. 26 is a weird age in Hollywood. Young enough to play a high school student, but too old to date Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Coincidence? Who knows — but if rumors are true, Gigi could be the first woman Leo starts a relationship with who is beyond the typical demographic (by two years, but it still counts!).

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