Leonardo DiCaprio’s assistant just told us Leo is basically the greatest boss

It’s probably safe to say most girls have fantasized about being Leonardo DiCaprio’s main girl. Kasi Brown was, and she’s revealing all the details! Okay, she didn’t date the Oscar winning actor, but she did work as DiCaprio’s personal assistant on the set of “The Aviator”.

“He’s extremely down to earth, and he likes to share stories and life experiences with people,” Brown told the Huffington Post. She described “The Revenant” star as having a “wicked sense of humor,” “very smart,” and also noted that his knowledge spanned “politics, pop culture, history, you name it.”

As DiCaprio’s assistant, Brown managed the actor’s day-to-day life on set of the film, which was released in 2004.  One task was to cover DiCaprio with an umbrella when he exited his trailer, so that paparazzi “couldn’t snap photos of him making weird faces while he rehearsed.” DiCaprio famously relishes anonymity. For years he’s been photographed going to great lengths to conceal his face or hide from the cameras, so it’s no surprise he told Brown that Halloween was his favorite holiday. The thrill of dressing up in disguises was actually something that bonded Brown with the Hollywood heartthrob before she even worked for him.

Brown first met DiCaprio in 2002, when her best friend Kayce Brown assisted the actor on set of the Oscar nominated film “Catch Me If You Can”.  She then met him again on the Montreal set of the Howard Hughes biopic. The two girls became friendly with DiCaprio and would go out on the town with him once filming wrapped. Kayce Brown left the position to PA Kate Hudson, which opened up the job of DiCaprio’s PA.

“She asked me if I was interested in taking over the position,” Kasi said. “I thought, why not? It would give me the opportunity, as a filmmaker, to watch Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio work. I’d be an idiot to turn down a learning opportunity like that!”

Brown said that even after filming of “The Aviator” wrapped, DiCaprio stayed in touch and provided support and encouragement on the burgeoning filmmaker’s projects. Swoon!