This Victoria’s Secret model has launched a clever clothing line that is all about consent

This is Leomie Anderson, a 23 -year -old model from London.

You may recognize her from the highly-esteemed Victoria’s Secret runway…

Or from her stunning fashion mag photoshoots.

But Anderson does not limit her work to just modeling — she is also the founder of LAPP, a female empowerment platform.

LAPP stands for Leomie Anderson the Project the Purpose, and the brand’s website also publishes essays by young women. Anderson told BuzzFeed News:

“[It’s] all about unity and creating a safe space for women to speak on their experiences, because I feel like everywhere you look, women are on the receiving end of so much negativity… I want young girls and women to be able to go on LAPP and feel a part of a positive community which they can gain from and contribute to as well.”

When you visit LAPP, you can also buy t-shirts from The Consent Collection, a clothing line inspired by Anderon’s viral open letter. The blog post was titled, “An Open Letter About Consent and Saying No.” In the essay, Anderson writes, “Saying NO doesn’t make you scared or frigid; it makes you smart and mature.”

The clever and cute tops are all emblazoned with funny ways of saying “no,” which Anderson hopes will help young women feel more comfortable with their right to say the word. Speaking to BuzzFeed News, she explained the meaning behind the phrases like “lol nah”:

“The phrases on the tees are different ways you can say no to a situation you don’t feel comfortable with, be it sex, sending nudes, or just generally taking crap just because you’re a woman… I wanted to show young girls especially that it is cool to say no.”



Anderson says that the feedback she has received on The Consent Collection has been incredibly positive and aware of the greater social message behind the tees. And we definitely cannot wait to fill our closets with them!

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