Leo season starts today, and your confidence is about to skyrocket

Leo season starts on July 23rd, and we’re in for a sweet treat. On top of the summer sunshine and warm temperatures, Leo season is also a marvelous month for astrological reasons. The sun is naturally at home in the sign of Leo. In fact, the sun is the strongest in this sign.

In astrology, the sun represents our consciousness, light, charisma, identity, and ego. Leo is the sign of confidence, charisma, light, joy, generosity, and love. Pretty charming, isn’t it? When Leo season kicks in, we’re collectively more confident, charismatic, and outgoing. It creates an atmosphere of warmth and fosters love and attraction.

Leo is characterized by praise, flattery, charm, and seduction.

Because we also have Mars (and soon Venus) in the sign, we’re in full seduction mode right now. But Leo is often about ego-love and can lead to love affairs based on validation and praise, so keep an eye out for these types of energy. Mercury is still retrograde in Cancer, so be sure that you’re also still examining what you need emotionally and how you’re providing emotionally for others.

It’s a fantastic season for taking care of yourself and your appearance, getting some new clothing, and showing off. Go to some trendy places where you can be admired, but also where you can dance! If you’re not exactly the outgoing type, Leo energy can also be about nurturing your inner fire and pursuing different hobbies and crafts.

Leo season is all about pursuing what makes you feel alive and in love—not only with other people, but also with yourself.

Ask yourself: What am I truly passionate about? What did I love as a kid? Drawing? Then let’s draw again. Dance? Let’s dance again. Making up stories and playing with puppets? Why not try that again? Leo season is about cultivating your inner fire, your inner flame—and as much as this flame could be shining for someone else, it can also very much shine for, by, and through yourself.

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