The Leo New Moon Is Coming—Here’s What This Means for Your Sign

It's being called the "black moon."

August 18th brings the second new moon within the past 30 days (the last new moon happened on July 20th). This time, the new moon will be in fiery Leo. And, because it’s the second one within this time frame, it’s being called a Black Moon—which is a potent energetic time for manifesting new dreams and visions. Use this luminary to blast off into the future and assert your passions into reality.  

Below is your new moon horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Embrace your bold and daring side—especially when it comes to dating. Plan a Zoom date or a walk in the park to get to know your boo. Your passions and desires will be high; therefore, it’s important to use this inspiring energy to open your heart.  


It’s time to re-evaluate your friendships. Aligning yourself with peeps who boost your confidence and are always by your side will prove rewarding—but only if you cut out those who aim to push you down rather than boost you up. Then, you’ll have true pals by your side.  


You are finding that you have a lot of extra time on your hands, which is making you feel uneasy. It’s essential for you to take on a new hobby or passion project to focus your energies on. This will motivate you to use your free time for good.  


You’re longing for a sense of security, which will enable you to put your energies into deepening your financial well-being and your friendship circle. Give love to those who have proven their allegiance to you and invest in wise products to ensure an amazing and lucrative return on your investments.  


It’s a great time to put yourself out there. Let others know all there is to know about you without hesitation. Step out into the limelight and share your views with others. Opening yourself up to new friendships, relationships, and opportunities will allow you to feel seen, heard, and loved.  


Listen to your dreams during this magical luminary. Your subconscious is bursting with intense energy and enlightening information that’s wanting to come out. Once you pay attention to your intuition and visions, you will be able to make proper changes in your life and bring your inner sentiments to light.  


Your business goals are evolving, pushing you to step up the amount of time you spend on your professional endeavors. This can lead to a raise or monetary compensation to boost your income. It’s important for you to give work your all right now. You’ll reap the benefits ASAP.  


Update your LinkedIn account during this luminary and try to manifest a new job. You’ll find that others in your field are willing to help out. A colleague or new connection may lead to an amazing professional opportunity that will boost your career and take it to the next level.  


Adventurous by nature, you are now embarking on the greatest pursuit of all: the relationship with yourself. New spiritual practices and endeavors will allow you to see matters and people through a different lens. This will also help you to understand your needs and desires on a deeper level.  


Your intuition is now heightened, making you more aware of other people’s needs. Like a sponge, you’re absorbing the energy of those in your close circle, which is making you feel energetically drained. Use this luminary to take care of yourself and rest. Detox the negative vibes and embrace positivity.  


For the first time in a long time, you’re realizing that you want to connect with that special person on a deeper level—and you need someone to lean on in times of need. Now that you know what you want, implement these feelings into your relationship.  


Stop putting off your errands! Don’t let them pile up. Make a checklist of all the important things you need to start and finish over the upcoming weeks. You will find that this enables you to jumpstart your tasks and complete your goals in record time if you start now.  

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