Leonardo DiCaprio just cleared up that whole Lady Gaga weird look thing

Last night’s Golden Globes was one for the books. Why? It wasn’t the dresses or the monologue jokes or the free-flowing champagne (although all of those things were definitely there, too). Rather, it’s because this was the year of the ladies. Everyone from Kate Winslet to Jennifer Lawrence to Taraji P. Henson reminded us why strong female characters are so important, and celebrated the sisterhood in their speeches. We sure did miss Tina and Amy as our fearless hosts, but that aside, it was a pretty fabulous night.

Of course, the night wasn’t perfect. There were jokes that didn’t land and teleprompters that just needed a night off. There were cameras on people who had NO idea they were on camera. There was that bizarre backstage entrance some winners had to use to get up on stage. (Seriously, what was that? The grainy camera footage made it look like a failed magician’s trick.) But it’s in these unscripted moments where the show’s most magical memories are made.

The hands-down greatest moment was, of course, that moment when Leonardo DiCaprio threw some alleged shade at Lady Gaga. If you watched the show, you know exactly what I’m talking about—that moment when she brushed past Leo to accept her award for Best Actress in a TV Movie/Miniseries. You know, because you said exactly what I said as it happened: I can’t wait to see the gif of this later tonight.

Not only do we have this blessed gif, we also have Leo’s response to it. In fact, he wasn’t throwing shade—he was just straight up confused. First he was laughing with his tablemates, then he was startled, and then he was just trying to process what happened. “I just didn’t know what was passing me—that’s all!” he told a reporter from Entertainment Tonight backstage.

That’s fair. If I were Leo I would live in constant fear of a bear attack, so you can’t blame him for his jumpiness.

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