We’re not alone: Leo also definitely feels like he’s deserved the Oscar before

Our beloved Leonardo DiCaprio recently gave an interview in which he hinted that he felt like he had already given some Academy Award-winning performances, despite the fact that he has yet to take home an Oscar statue for himself, according to our friends at BuzzFeed.

With all his incredible performances and previous nominations, we find that as crazy as he does!


Leo, who has been nominated again as “Best Actor” for his role in The Revenant, seems to have a healthy perspective, saying he does his best work for the sake of the art, rather than for the subsequent recognition.

So basically, he’s not jealous. He’s just wondering when he’ll get recognized in the same way as his peers.


Because, while it’s great to have made a wonderful film, it couldn’t hurt to have a little golden statue to snuggle up with while watching it.

Hopefully this February, the hard-working and handsome actor will have one more reason (aside from his diverse and prolific film career) to celebrate.


Cheers to you, Leo. Here’s hoping you take home a new statuesque new friend!


(Images via Paramount Pictures/Tumblr, 20th Century Fox/Tumblr)