Here’s Leo’s Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

From the fire sign that brings out a Leo's best side, to the earth sign that brings out the worst.

Leos may prefer to have all attention on them, but they would also do anything for the people they love. When it comes to romance, these loyal lions are invested in establishing long-lasting partnerships and putting some of that same attention they crave back into their relationships. According to Lisa Stardust, our resident astrologer, Leos “are generous and giving, and often lavish their partners with gifts.” They don’t want to be partnered with just anyone, though. As far as Leo compatibility goes, this fire sign needs a partner who can match their energy and passion.

Leos are “attracted to go-getters; beautiful, intelligent, and savvy individuals who turn heads,” Stardust tells HelloGiggles. The easiest matches? Other ambitious and energetic fire or air signs like them. However, Leos should pay heed to Stardust’s advice. “They just need to be careful not to get competitive with their partner for the very reasons they love them,” she says.

If you’re a Leo looking for a fiery partner to get on your level, let the zodiac guide you in your search. Stardust gave us the full rundown on how Leos mesh (or don’t) with all the other star signs. Keep scrolling for a compatibility ranking, in order of most to least compatible,

1. Leo and Sagittarius

Watch out, Leos, this sign might just steal your heart for good. “Leos will surely swoon over Sagittarius’s fiery yet wise and eccentric personality, marveling at their ability to take big risks both at gambling in the outdoors and between the sheets,” Stardust says. With your bold personalities and energies linking up, “these fire signs are smoking hot together,” Stardust adds.

2. Leo and Pisces

While not a fire or air sign, Pisces can attract Leos with their emotional side. “Leo loves the Piscean way of looking at life, as they are drawn to their beautiful and sweet sentimentalities,” Stardust says. “Both are deeply sensitive by nature and can grow emotionally through this relationship.” 

3. Leo and Libra 

Stardust thinks Leos and Libras can make a super sweet pair, but not without a bit of work. “These two are great together, but they may have some difficulties as Libra loves to flirt and this can make Leo feel less than regal at times,” she says. But if Leos can find a Libra that will make them feel like a (correction: the) priority in their life, then “this pair is golden,” Stardust assures.

4. Leo and Aquarius 

Though Stardust warned about Leo’s tendency to compete with their partner, she says they can do so with Aquarius in a way that is fun and enticing. More specifically, “if they bring the drama between the sheets, they will feel extra blessed to be with a partner who sees them as they truly are: sexy aliens,” she says. 

5. Leo and Cancer 

Things can really heat up with this pairing—in a good way. “Leo loves to have secret, passionate, often highly kinky or plain ravishing encounters with their Cancer love,” Stardust says. While your personalities may be rather different—Cancers are more emotional and introverted, compared to bold and loud Leos—the contrast can actually work nicely. If you work to understand one another, “this is a pair that can remain true and loyal to each other happily-ever-after style,” Stardust says.

6. Leo and Gemini 

This pairing is a slow burn, but if both parties are patient, it’ll be so worth the wait. As Stardust explains, a relationship between Leos and Geminis usually starts out as a deep and fast friendship that grows into something more. “Leo needs to learn to trust Gemini 100% before jumping into a relationship,” Stardust says. However, “once the two join forces, the sky’s the limit as to what they can achieve,” she adds.

7. Leo and Virgo 

Leos, you’ll need to tap into that lion-like courage and get vulnerable with your Virgo partner in order to make this relationship work. If you open up to your Virgo partner, then you’ll reap all the benefits of being with them. “Leo loves the way Virgo makes them feel,” Stardust explains, “and they are grateful for the desire for commitment and strength Virgo adds to their life.” 

8. Leo and Scorpio 

Because Leos love the limelight, a relationship with Scorpios may make it difficult to fulfill those desires. “Scorpios tend to need time to themselves, which makes Leos skeptical of their commitment to them,” Stardust says. However, this pairing isn’t impossible. Leos who are looking to get past this hurdle with a Scorpio will need to center their relationship around understanding one another’s differences, “which can be healthy as they both can transform together,” Stardust says. 

9. Leo and Leo 

Unsurprisingly, a Leo and Leo matchup will make for a rather dramatic duo. “The fireworks never stop between these two,” Stardust says, adding that the drama “can be fun or extremely frustrating.” However, since both partners “share a finely tuned artistic side and enjoy living a life of refinement,” Stardust explains, this match still has potential—as long as the dramatics are kept to a minimum.

10. Leo and Capricorn 

Leos and Capricorns have opposing tendencies in relationships. “Leo craves attention and rushes to action, while Capricorn likes to steadily grow and cultivate the relationship,” Stardust says. So, this partnership may prove to be complex at times, unless both signs are able to find a middle ground to satisfy both partners’ needs. 

11. Leo and Aries

While Stardust says Leo and Aries can cultivate a rather steamy attraction, that competitive energy she warned about will run high in this match. When coupled with Leo, “Aries always wins, which may frustrate the lion, as they find it impossible to take center stage in this relationship,” she explains.  

12. Leo and Taurus 

A relationship with a Taurus can bring out a not-so-cute side of Leo. As Stardust explains, “control issues may consume Leo’s relationship with the Bull, resulting in Leo using outside forces and public pleas to manipulate Taurus.” Yikes. Stardust adds that “manipulation does not bode well with a Taurus,” so the outlook on this pairing doesn’t look so great.

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