The new “Yoga Book” may have just ended computer keyboards and we’re freaked

Technology is amazing. Don’t just take our word for it — check out the new “Yoga Book” tablet from Lenovo, which is going to blow your mind! Seriously. If you think your iPad is impressive, just give this little guy a test run. You won’t be disappointed.

A lightweight, thin tablet that opens up to dual screens seems like nothing new. Except it is. One of the screens can double as a keyboard — allowing you to type away without having to press any keys. No more carrying extra accessories just to type up an email faster. That same screen also does something really cool that we haven’t seen before. Are you ready?


The second screen allows you to digitize your notes! You just place a piece of paper on top of the screen and use a special pen they provide to do so. That means that writing is going to stick around for just a little bit longer! Oh, happy days!

Seriously, for those of us that need to write things down on paper to remember them, this tablet s a godsend. And with a price tag that more or less seems affordable, students and grandparents alike can really get behind the idea!

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