Lena Waithe hinted that politics may be in her future

In case you haven’t noticed, Lena Waithe is crushing it in Hollywood. The Emmy Award-winning writer has a ton of new projects in the works, including a new movie called Queen and Slim starring Daniel Kaluuya. She also appeared on a groundbreaking cover of Vanity Fair and wore that iconic rainbow cape to the 2018 Met Gala. But could Waithe someday trade her success in the film industry for a career in politics?

Variety published an interview with Waithe on October 9th, and in it, the writer and actress spoke out against the patriarchy.

"It feels like the patriarchy is nervous, and that's good," Waithe told Variety. "Because when someone is in power for too long they become villains, and so I think we need some new bodies on the throne."

Later that day, Marc Malkin, an editor and on-camera correspondent at the magazine, tweeted a link to the interview, commenting on the political undertones of what she said. “I love @LenaWaithe in Hollywood, but I’m thinking a White House could be in her future. #justsayin,” Malkin wrote in his tweet.

Waithe's response to Malkin was playful and enigmatic, but it hinted at big things to come. "Possibly :)" she replied to the editor.


Waithe’s comments were far from an outright confirmation that she’ll enter the political sphere, but it’s still exciting to consider. And Twitter users agreed that Waithe would be a welcome presence in our government.


We look forward to seeing the places Waithe’s career takes her—wherever that may be.

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