Lena Headey is totally down to play this badass “Star Wars” character and to that we say, “HECK yes!”

There are a million and one things we love about Game of Thrones, yes? The cast, the story, the DRAGONS!!! There’s just too much awesomeness. And one of the most badass parts about Thrones is Lena Headey, aka Cersei Lannister. Because we still completely and utterly love this insanely talented star despite the fact that she plays one of the wickedist TV villains EVER. At this point, we’re basically convinced that Lena can play ANY part thrown her way. In fact, we’d love to see her tackle another ~evil~ character from a popular fandom…and we’re not alone.

A Twitter user recently posted this fabulous idea and we are LOVING it:

Lena Headey as Star Wars villainess Asajj Ventress.


For a quick background, Asajj Ventress is a ~Dark Side~ baddie from the very popular Clone Wars animated series. She was originally conceived as a major villain for the main series Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones film way back in the early ’00s, but…alas.


The exciting news is that Lena heard this fandom prayer and gave the BEST response proving she’s basically down for the role, too.


Someone at Lucasfilm go ahead and make this happen STAT.

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