Lena Headey just dropped so much wisdom about coping with anxiety in a series of Twitter posts

Thanks to Twitter, we know that even the biggest celebrities suffer from similar issues that we do. Lena Headey from Game of Thrones opened up about anxiety on the social media site, and we think her insights are incredibly helpful. (We had no idea that Cersei went through similar battles off-screen, and think Headey is super brave for bringing them up!)

It all started after a fan asked Headey about insecurity. What does she do when she feels insecure? Heck — does she ever feel insecure?

The answer? Not so much, but she’s definitely felt other strong emotions. Of course, Headey took the time to answer it, and likely gained a few more fans after her inspirational response.

We’re loving the way that Headey approached this. She even went more into detail, saying that these two illnesses are — without a doubt — incredibly real.

Why is this important? Well, a lot of people don’t really pay much attention to them, since they’re “silent.” You can’t actually tell someone is depressed by looking at them.

According to Headey, a lot of issues regarding anxiety and depression blossom based on our own environment, and the world around us.

Not only did she approach the topic from a new angle, but she really ended up motivating her fans. She reminded us that really, everyone is human. And perhaps we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves and others. Of course, her methods aren’t a way to cure a disease — instead, they’re a way to help manage it.

Headey is all about self-love. Let her tweets be a reminder that your health, and your wants and needs, are incredibly important.

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