Lena Dunham revealed a gorgeous new tattoo in this topless selfie

Sometimes it’s genuinely hard to keep up with the number of super cool tattoos that Lena Dunham has on her body. But we try our best, and today we’re totally crushing on her new ink.

In a topless selfie on Instagram, Dunham revealed a new tattoo. It’s so pretty and intricately detailed, and it officially gets our stamp of approval.

And the intimate placement just under her breasts is pretty special, simply because it’s in a place that not everyone will often get to see (just Lena, and her nearest and dearest). This makes tattoo #10, and we think it was a fantastic choice. Ready to take a look?

As Dunham says in the caption, this tattoo is an original design by an artist named Trine Grimm, who works at Lucky 7 Tattoos in Oslo, Norway. Dunham also noted that it’s her first original piece by a female artist, which makes it all the more special.

Oh, and she of course gave a shout out to RiRi, who has a similarly-placed piece.

Aside from the badass placement, the tats are actually super different. But they’re both kinda inspiring us to do some research into tattoos…because they look awesome. And remember, tattoos don’t have to be large, there are many teeny, tiny tattoos to sneak onto your body, if you’re so inclined!

We love Dunham’s willingness to share her body art and snap such an intimate selfie on social media. She’s someone who gives all of herself — no matter what — and that takes both strength and courage. Thanks for inspiring us to make daring choices, girl!

Happiest of Fridays to you.

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