Lena Dunham’s newest accessory will give all ’90s girls major flashbacks

Lena Dunham can rock any look. Her body-positive message and total confidence make her not only a delight to watch on Girls and in basically anything else she does.

So when she starts sporting some seriously retro and totally delightful styles, we most certainly pay attention. And in a recent Insta post, she showed off some wrist accessories that reminded us of the days of pre-social media summer camp when creating friendship bracelets and personalized bead jewelry were all the rage.

Her caption of “A special day at work when I wanna win requires a wristful of all that is sacred,” seems to show that she is doing everything in her ’90s-girl power to bring about all good vibes, which of course means being reminded of the things you love. While the two delicate pieces of wrist art come from jewelry designer and artist Susan Alexandra, her “DUCK” and “JACK” personal beads are reminding us of everything we loved about playful 90s style.

If you were a DIY-er back then and looking to channel, like Lena, some of the good old days on your wrist (or ankles), there’s good news for you. There are still have plenty of personalized bead kits available at easy-to-find places like Target.


Of course, if you (sadly) no longer have the time to spend on hours of personalized beads for you and your three BFFs (or however many you were lucky enough to have that summer), there are still plenty of people on Etsy who will channel your childhood for you.

Leave it to Lena to remind us of all the best parts of our past while still totally embodying everything we are now.


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