Lena Dunham’s Trump-inspired Halloween costume was so good, and we wish we’d thought of it first

So it’s the day after Halloween, and naturally we’ve been scouring the internet for the best costumes. You know who blew it out of the water this year? Lena Dunham dressed in a Donald Trump-inspired outfit, that’s who. We should have known she’d make a bold statement, because last year’s Halloween costume was so important and topical — a Planned Parenthood doctor. And let’s not overlook her forest dream high school prom dress! Yup, this girl knows how to shake things up.

And for this latest outfit, she referenced one of the most controversial topics in the current election: Trump’s lewd behavior as a womanizer, and specifically his leaked conversation with Billy Bush where he talked about grabbing women “by the pussy.”


"Happy Halloween! With love from a Grabbed Pussy ✋🐱 📸 by the very tolerant @jenna_wb #imanasshole."

Are you looking at this costume?! Lena is a literally a grabbed pussy (cat). You’ve outdone yourself, girl!

We love how she was inspired by one of the less fortunate parts of the current election to create something that confronts big issues.

No doubt her costume encouraged lively conversation everywhere she went, and that was probably the intention.

Dunham has always been a strong advocate for women’s rights, and during the election cycle she’s been fairly vocal about voting and getting involved in the political scene.

Of course, her commentary is perfect.

She supports Hillary Clinton for president, and her Twitter feed often reflects girl power.

Thanks for ALWAYS keeping it real, girlfriend!

H/T: People

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