All girls born in the ’80s will totally relate to this #tbt Lena Dunham just posted

We all have looked back on pics of our kid selves and wondered. . . why. Just, why did our parents dress us this way?! But now, styles are steadily coming back from our ’80s and ’90s youth — jelly sandals and crimped hair, for example. And Lena Dunham’s latest #tbt (OK, it was posted on Wednesday, but still) is reminding those of us who were born in the ’80s of all those birthday parties and Sunday mornings at church.

Lena posted a picture of her six-year-old self in a long, plaid dress with a frilly collar and poofy sleeves, and it’s giving us all major memories. “I want to be styled by my [six-year-old] self,” Lena wrote in the caption. “She knew.”

Blast from the past. With all these trends coming back, will we soon be seeing those ~intense~ dresses coming back? Seems like Lena certainly hopes so.

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