Lena Dunham secretly dyed her hair red after “Girls” ended, and here’s what she learned

This year has held some big changes for Lena Dunham, and it seems like she wanted to make some big style changes to reflect that. To mark the ending of her show Girls, Lena dyed her hair red.

But wait, you say. Didn’t Girls end in April? Lena managed to keep her hair change private, which is kind of a miracle in the age where anyone with social media can become the makeshift paparazzi. Hair changes can be an emotional journey, as we all know. Lena chose to reflect on that journey with an essay published in Vogue.

The essay covers a wide range of topics and references many different stylish redheads.

But the main reason Lena wanted the change is because she’s had a hard year of health issues and work.

"Beguiling. I could use a little of that these days, if only to reintroduce myself to my own allure after an exhausting year of health issues."

She went on to elaborate even more.

"I was also wrapping up nearly seven years of work on my own television show, the kind of thing that defines your identity and occupies your days. I looked in the mirror and saw a tired, fearful person; I was not the self-starting, sparks-flying dynamo I had expected to be at 31. While hair color can’t solve the problems we need to solve ourselves, it can be a catalyst. I became obsessed with the need to go red."

The final look at her redhead transformation is stunning.


So, did going red give Lena the gumption she was sure it would?

It seems like the answer is a solid yes. Because she decided to cut all her hair off shortly after the transformation.

"But can going red actually create an impetuous firebrand? I sure felt that way when, ten days after my coloring session, I awoke positive that I needed to shave my head. Not completely—I needed enough hair to remain a redhead. But close to the scalp, with a spiked peak, Annie Lennox–style."


It’s nice to know we’re not the only ones who have deep emotional connections to our hair. Thanks for sharing, Lena!

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