Lena Dunham is releasing a book of fictional short stories and we CAN’T WAIT

There are few things in this world as powerful as Lena Dunham’s charisma. She’s brilliantly bold, beautifully relatable, and her unique brand of creativity is about as rad as it gets. And since we have to wait until 2017 for Girls to return for its final season, Lena’s Lenny Letters will have to hold us over.

And Lenny subscribers got a fantastic surprise in their inboxes this morning, in the form of their summer fiction issue, which features short fiction stories by Lenny editor Jessica Grose, contributing writers Kaitlyn Greenidge, Jackie Thomas-Kennedy, and Queen Lena herself!


Her story, “The Mechanic” is about a 21-year-old woman dating an older mechanic. After today’s Lenny Letter was sent out, Dunham took to Instagram to promote the most recent issue of Lenny, while also announcing that “The Mechanic” is just one of many short stories that will be published by Random House in her first collection of fictional short stories called, Best and Always.

“This issue was also an exciting lil’ way to let you know that I’m at work on my first fiction collection, Best and Always, to be published next year by Random House. Thrilled to share a hint of it with you,” she said on Instagram.

So while it sucks to have to wait until next year for Dunham’s stories AND the new season of Girls, luckily we have Lenny to curb our impatience. And in between issues of Lenny, we can also binge on Seasons 1-5 of Girls, and read her other books, Not That Kind of Girl, and Is It Evil Not to Be Sure? (her collection of diary entries from 2005).


Because Lena is who she is, she never stops creating, and that’s just what the world needs.

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