Lena Dunham’s one-of-a-kind power suit is whimsical AF

It’s no surprise that the power suit has been having a major moment. Since the 2016 election, women have been turning to the suit to make a strong statement. And while our mothers may have donned a pantsuit or power suit, the look has evolved just like we have. Bright bursts of colors, statement patterns, and unexpected silhouettes have updated the power suit for the new millennium, and Lena Dunham’s whimsical suit is proving exactly that. And since it’s also one of a kind, it’s a testament to the Millennial love for anything and everything custom and DIY.


Lena’s suit, created by her friend Gabriel Held, features an all-over surreal print and large white buttons down the middle. She wore the look with sneakers and a slew of bracelets. Yes, Lena, yes.

We’re definitely taking style cues from the actress and writer. Next time we want to be presentable but low-key, in charge but also chill, we’ll know to pair our whimsical pantsuit with some sneakers.


And we won’t forget to take a selfie in it, leg-on-sink style.

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