Lena Dunham tracks her period in the cutest most old-school way

We can’t be the only women who always get to doctor’s appointments only to have your physician ask you when your last menstrual cycle was and realize… you have literally no idea. The reasons to know when your last period was and when your next one should occur aren’t just limited to the obvious, like saying goodbye to the irrational part of your brain that’s certain you’re pregnant despite using birth control when you can’t remember if you’re late or not. Or like not looking like an incompetent child when your doctor asks. From minor things like knowing when it’s best not to break out your fav white dress to more serious things like understanding some associated health complications, tracking your period is serious business.

There are apps to help you out, but sometimes the easiest way is good old fashioned pen and paper, as Lena Dunham showed us in a recent instagram.

Lena has clearly been going through her personal calendar lately, and we love the insights her stroll down memory lane is providing.

To keep track of her period, Lena used a cute little female symbol (♀) next to the day.

Not only is this quick, simple, and adorable, but more broadly, we’re SUPER into her handwritten calendar. Smart phones are convenient because they shoot you reminder notifications and you can share events with friends in a way that you can’t with the old fashioned kind, but we love the fact that Lena has this nice little window into what her life was like, even years ago.


If you’re already a journaler, it might be worth looking into starting your own personal calendar, and taking a (somewhat literal) page from Lena Dunham’s book. After all, smart phones are only as long-lasting as their cases — hard copies are forever.