Lena Dunham had the most mature thing to say about internet trolls

It goes without saying that we love Lena Dunham’s outspoken style when it comes to shutting down her haters. Which is why we’re loving that Dunham just said the best thing about internet trolls. She went the mature route, which is not always easy to do with internet trolls. (Just ask Gabourey Sidibe about her love scene in Empire.)

Dunham has received not-nice, unwanted feedback from online strangers plenty of times. A couple months ago, she posted a photo on Instagram of her wearing a latex body suit and crystal crown to prove a point to her haters.

We definitely bowed to that idea!


And now, she’s speaking up again. On Friday, Dunham and her collaborator Jenni Konner celebrated the second anniversary of Lenny Letter. When Us Weekly asked about her online critics, she fired away.

“I get to make art all day long. I get to express myself to an audience that cares so if there's going to be a segment of people who don't sort of connect with my belief system, then I'm just going to have accept that because I've made myself a public figure.

Konner chimed in, too, saying, “Feel bad for them. The trolls, they deserve your pity.

It’s mature that instead of engaging with her critics, Dunham can just let it go.

She’s more interested in the people who can expand her worldview.

“Yeah, and then there's a segment of people that are cool and educating me online every day and make me a smarter, more empathetic person, Dunham said. “It all comes out in the wash.

Ok, we definitely need to remember Dunham’s pep talks the next time we’re getting trolled.

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