Lena Dunham just raised over $25,000 for charity—with a nude Instagram pic

She may be one of the most controversial figures in the entertainment industry, but this week, Lena Dunham is radiating nothing but positivity. On Wednesday, May 29th, Dunham began a campaign in which she’s already raised over $25,000 for Peggy Albrecht Friendly House, an L.A.-based charity that helps women recover from alcohol and substance abuse. And all she did was ask her followers to share some self-love via Instagram.

"Any negativity that comes your way is just an excuse to love yourself even more, right?" Dunham captioned her cheeky post—a picture of her posing nude in a field. "Comment below with a reason you love yourself. I’ll go first: I’m a sober accountable adult who still loves to get naked."

But she didn’t post the photo just for attention. She continued: “For every comment in the next week, I’ll be donating a dollar to @FriendlyHouseLA, a residential program for women recovering from substance and alcohol addiction. So guys, be liberal with your self-praise…” And people got to work.

In less than 24 hours, Dunham received over 25,000 comments on her post, including many from celeb friends and supporters.


Comedian and Parks and Rec actress Retta commented, “I try to love unabashedly even though I’ve had my heart broken more than I can count.” And My Favorite Murder co-host Georgia Hardstark commented, “This is beautiful! I love my tenacity.”

Dunham shared some of her favorite self-love comments in her Instagram Story.


This is a campaign we can all get involved in. Simply write a self-love comment on Dunham’s post and she’ll donate in your honor. Or, if you want to share the love anonymously, head over to Friendly House’s website to leave a donation. Just don’t forget to reflect on a reason you love yourself.

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