Lena Dunham has a new show coming to HBO

What’s that? You want MORE Lena Dunham TV shows? Well, here’s a wish that’s already come true: as if running Girls, Lenny Letter, and the world isn’t enough, Dunham now has a brand new TV show in the works at HBO. Because, YES.

You might not even be able to handle these amazing details. The show, which is currently called Max, is set in 1963. And not just 1963, but the magazine industry in 1963. And not just the magazine industry in 1963, but also the second wave of feminism that our new favorite girl, Max (assuming that’s her name, at least), just happens to “stumble” into one day while trying to rise in the ranks at her magazine.

Max episodes will be half an hour, just like Girls, and the pilot was written by Girls‘ writer and executive producer, Murray Miller. Why isn’t Dunham writing it? Oh, because she’s too busy DIRECTING it, of course (and eventually she’ll probably write an episode, or like, the entire second season). The lady set to star is Lisa Joyce, who has appeared on Boardwalk Empire, DirectTV’s Billy & Billie, and recently Ricki and the Flash.

Dunham has mentioned before that Girls will probably end after Season 6, and it’s heading into Season 5 right now. Bringing Max to HBO means we won’t have to go long without Dunham on our TV. Also, haven’t you kinda missed the ’60s since Mad Men ended? Also, do you know your Mad Men well enough to remember that one time Zosia Mamet played a Life magazine editor?

Do I secretly kinda hope the two worlds are connected somehow? Yes.

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