Wait, when did Lena Dunham get long ombré hair? Doesn’t matter, we love it

She’s kind of cornered the market on outrageous female antics, (the countless hours of toplessness on Girls make us so proud), so we don’t honestly know why we’re so surprised that Lena Dunham just debuted long ombré hair on Instagram this week. You’d think we’d be expecting it by now! The writer, author, actor and all-around boss announced the release date of Girls’ final season (2/12/17! Mark your calendars and brace yourselves, people!) in a shot alongside the familiar cast of ladies, which included a long-haired Dunham, sulking with the cutest set of bangs and 14 inches of rich blonde and ash ombré. What’s to pout about Lena? You look fab!

Is this Hannah Horvath’s new look, or is Lena just trying on some length for the hell of it? You decide:

Yes, duh, we want the deets on the last season of HBO’s most scandalous female-fronted show. But also we want the deets on this hair! Have we ever seen Lena in long layers? We don’t think so, and we are so into it. Keep it for the Oscars, please! (Do non-nominated TV stars go to the Oscars? When they have new hair to show off, they do!)

The co-creator and curator of the funny, informative and essential-reading Lenny newsletter has been very outspoken and public on her opinions on the current state of affairs lately, sporting her usual short dirty-blonde locks as of just a week ago:

So is it a weave? A wig? A new super vitamin that gives you mega-length in under 10 days? Which is it? Just like what’ll transpire in the finale of Girls — only Lena knows for sure.

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