Lena Dunham posted a pic of herself in a latex bodysuit and crystal crown to remind us she is NOT here for internet trolls

Lena Dunham is often under the social media microscope. But a recent Insta selfie, which shows Dunham in a latex bodysuit and crystal crown, proves she’s not going to let that stop her from doing her thang.

Dunham wrote in the caption, "It's only important to me that people know as they're busy tweeting bullsh-t about me I'm most often dressed in a latex suit and crystal crown working from home on imagining new worlds #blessedbitch."

If this isn’t the best way to fight the haters, we don’t know what is.



We’re loving this whimsical, IDGAF style choice (and we’re seriously wondering where she got both that suit and that crown). It takes a lot of strength to withstand bullying and negativity, and we are SO stoked to see such a badass, empowering post from her.

Dunham has been vocal in recent months about the catch-22 of being a woman in Hollywood. After losing weight from a change in routine (which she did in order to better control her anxiety and endometriosis), Dunham says that many of the people who criticized her for being “too heavy” were now criticizing her for her weight loss.

“I was frustrated by it, because it really was evidence that as a woman in Hollywood, you just can’t win,” Dunham said during an interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show. “It’s just so crazy because I spent six years of my career being called things like ‘bag of milk’ on the internet, baby cow, aging cow.”


Let’s use Lena’s latest post to serve as a reminder to NEVER let trolls or bullies get under our skin (or our latex bodysuits!). Thanks for the positive inspo, Lena.

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