Here’s who is going to star in Lena Dunham’s new HBO series

Here’s a plot twist: while actress Lisa Joyce was originally slated to star in the upcoming HBO series Max, created by Lena Dunham, turns out some other projects are going to get in the way. After this news, the search was on to find the perfect replacement. Luckily, Zoe Kazan, star of Ruby Sparks and What If, stepped up to the plate, and we are so excited.

For those who aren’t familiar, let me catch you up. Lena Dunham is currently creating a feminist comedy set in the 1960s (which is pretty much our favorite sentence ever). The series centers on Maxine Woodruff, a magazine writer who ends up fighting for women’s rights in a way she never imagined.

When it comes to the pilot, Dunham will be directing, but for the most part she’ll take on the role of executive producer, along with some of our favorite people from Girls, Jenni Konner, Murray Miller, and Ilene Landress. The script itself is written by Miller.

Both Kazan and Dunham knew each other previously, and it’s safe to say Kazan is ready for the challenge:

We can’t wait for what this series has in store!

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