Read Lena Dunham’s powerful response to the sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein

If you’re like us, you weren’t that surprised by the New York Times‘ recent report exposing decades of alleged sexual harassment at the hands of famed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Horrified? Absolutely. Heartbroken for the women victimized? 100%. But shocked? Not so much. From Casey Affleck to Bill Cosby to Bill O’Reilly to the man elected president of the United States, sadly, there’s no shortage of wealthy, powerful men who wield their authority and influence like a weapon against women.

But according to Lena Dunham, it doesn’t need to be this way. Yesterday, Dunham issued a powerful response to the sexual misconduct allegations against Weinstein — and we are so here for it.

Taking to Instagram, Dunham called the New York Times exposé “an essential piece of reporting,” one that “made clear how hard it is” for victims of sexual harassment to come forward. She went on to point out the complicity of the people who witness the behavior but say nothing, thereby allowing the harassment to continue.

“Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident,” wrote Dunham. “This needs to end, and it’s high time Hollywood shone a light on itself and made real changes in the behavior we accept from those in power.”

Dunham added she hoped her followers would share the story about Weinstein not only to stand in solidarity with women, but to change the narrative of sexual harassment for good.

"By lifting these women up, we change this age old story for them," wrote Dunham, "and for everyone."

We couldn’t agree more, Lena.

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