Why Lena Dunham’s Halloween costume this year is so important

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In this week’s issue, Lena shares some of her Halloween costumes of yore. There was her spin as a mermaid as a child and her teen reboot of the costume. She dressed as Louis C.K. for her first Hollywood Halloween party. In between, there was a “fancy lady” costume, a Nick at Nite-style secretary, an angel with her period, and a “business witch.”

As Lena puts it, “I have spent the past 29 years failing at Halloween.” Well it doesn’t SOUND like she’s been failing (#businesswitchforever), but after revealing her costume for this year, we have to admit it does sound like one of her best to date.

For Halloween 2015, Lena’s going to be (drumroll please) a Planned Parenthood doctor,  a costume she describes as “newsy, sexy, and cool.” Co-signed.

Lena has a long history with the women’s health and family planning services group. Last year, when her memoir debuted, she partnered with the Planned Parenthood Action Fund to get the word out about voting (and got all her celeb friends to join in). She’s continued to use her platform to give big support to the organization. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, when asked who her real-life heroes are, her answer was “The men and women who work at Planned Parenthood centers across America.” Whether she is spoofing men’s rights activists on SNL or thoughtfully weaving women’s health issues into the plot of Girls, Lena is solidly Team Planned Parenthood, so it makes total sense that she would translate her big-time passion into a newsy-sexy-cool Halloween costume.

Oh, and for anyone who’s also experienced the Halloween  costume struggles out there, Lena got some badass advice on the issue from her very fashionable friend Sarah. As she writes in Lenny:

Hear, hear.


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